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Who are we?
"We are a voluntary organisation for community Chinese Schools in the UK."
The UK Federation of Chinese Schools (UKFCS), founded in July 1994, is a charity that aims to promote, through its member schools, Chinese language education and Chinese culture. Since its formation, its membership has continued to increase. Today it has about 80 member schools, representing over 10,000 pupils.


What do we do?
The UKFCS serves the Chinese schools as well as the wider community with:
  • specialised information services;
  • educational publications;
  • professional support;
  • training and networking opportunities



The UKFCS publishes and distributes the UK Chinese textbooks, Let’s learn Chinese series and other teaching materials to our members as well as organises teachers’ training conference annually. It supports initiatives that promote the teaching of Chinese in the UK. The UKFCS ensures that community teachers are kept up-to-date with developments in mainstream education.


Cultural and Recreational Activities

Besides educational work, the UKFCS is also active in providing for its members. Every year, the UKFCS organises a schools cultural performance show, and schools competitions e.g. Chinese chess, Chinese calligraphy, essay writing, poster and New Year card designs.


Where are our schools?
The UKFCS member schools can be found all over the UK. There are about 30 schools in southern England and 30 in northern England. In Scotland and Northern Ireland there are over 10 Chinese schools. There are also member schools in Europe and America.


How can you become a member?
The UKFCS welcomes community Chinese schools to become members. You can visit our website to view our constitution and membership qualification, and download the relevant application forms.


Who runs the UKFCS?
Executive Council
The UKFCS is run by the Executive Council which consists of elected and co-opted members. The elected Executive Councillors, from 27 March 2018, are:

  • Mrs. Stella Chung Chan - President, Chair of Cultural and Recreation Committee, Chair of Sales Committee
  • Mrs Mai Sim Merry -- Vice-president, Chair of Secretariat
  • Mr William Chung - Chair of Finance Committee, Vice chair of Sale Committee, Membership Secretary
  • Mrs. Amy Li - Chair of Fund Raising Committee, Vice chair of Culture and Recreation Committee
  • Ms Guo Zhen He- Chair of Education Committee
  • Advisors (co-opted) - Dr Jack Ho

All councillors and committee members are unpaid volunteers


Education Committee
The Education Committee is responsible for the development of learning and teaching materials and the provision of training and help to member schools. Its members are:
  • Chair - Mrs Guozhen He
  • Vice-Chair - Mr William Chung
  • Learning and Teaching Material Development - Mrs Guozhen He
  • Members - Mrs Guozhen He, Mrs. Amy Li, Mrs Stella Chung and Mr William Chung
  • Advisor - Dr Yongcan Liu, Dr Jim Anderson


Culture and Recreation Committee
The Committee organizes a range of cultural activities to stimulate and promote students’ interest in learning the Chinese language and culture. Its members are:
  • Chair - Mrs Stella Chung
  • Vice-Chair - Ms Amy Li
  • Book-keeper - Mrs Stella Chung
  • Members: Mrs Mai Sim Merry


Secretariat provides administrative and secretarial supports for the effective running of the Federation. Its members are:
  • Chair - Mrs Mai Sim Merry
  • Membership Secretary - Mr William Chung
  • Website Administrator - Mr. Alan Soong


Finance Committee
The Committee manages all accounts of the Federation, providing bookkeeping and budgetary support for all other committees. . Its members are:
  • Chair - Mr William Chung
  • Members - Mrs Stella Chung and Mrs Mai Sim Merry


Fund Raising Committee
The Committee is responsible for raising funds to pay for expenses incurred in the running of the Federation. Its members are:
  • Chair - Mrs Amy Li
  • Secretary - Mrs Mai Sim Merry
  • Treasurer - Mr William Chung
  • Members - Mrs Stella Chung,


Sales Committee
The Committee is responsible for all matters relating to the sales of learning and teaching materials. Its members are:
  • Chair - Mr William Chung
  • Vice Chair -
  • Sales -


Lady Katy Tse Blair MBE


Honorary Advisors
  • Education Advisor - Dr Jim Anderson
  • Education Advisor - Dr Yong can Liu


Honorary Members
  • Ms Vivien Fu, Mr William Chong, Mrs Rita Leung, Mr Michael Leung, Ms Christine Chin, Mr Siva Pillai, Mrs Katherine Carruthers OBE, Mr Hock-Ann Chia, Ms Manling Chau, Mr Kam Yin Man, Mr Louis Woo, Ms Katherine Li

Contact with each other
The UKFCS keeps its members informed with regular newsletters that also provide a forum for members to discuss matters of common interest and concern. Members and the general public can also keep in touch with the UKFCS through its website.


Where do we get our funding from?
Through our fund-raising events and with donations received, we are able to fund all our cultural activities. We also subsidize our textbooks and teachers\’ training conferences. Hence we are always grateful to people who are willing to give generously to support our work. If you would like to make a donation to the UKFCS, you can contact either the President or the Treasurer on our website.